Friday, August 25, 2006

Mad as all get-out!

Pluto's not a planet anymore?! What? How can they just decide this? And who are these people, anyway? This ruins EVERYTHING! What will "My Very Excellent Mother Just Serve Us Nine" of now? And what is this teaching today's children about inclusion? That we can reject someone just because they are a little different? Because their orbit's a little off? Or because he's puny and at the end of the line? What's next? Will we kick out Jupiter for being too fat? Poor Pluto... I kind of liked that fact that there was one little guy at the end who did his own thing. And we totally accepted him for it! For 76 wonderful years! Then we just tossed him aside. Pluto, I still love you.

I'd like to see a little more public outrage about this. I scoured the internet and found only one (1) little protest at a Harvard observatory. I liked their idea for a chant, though:

Pluto as a planet
Is here to stay!

Where have all the Pluto-lovers gone? Gone to graveyards, every one? Were there ever any in the first place?

I wish I could go to Boston and chant with them. If anyone reads this and wants to start a protest in the L.A. area, let me know. I'm totally down. I've always wanted to be part of a march, but one that REALLY mattered! I think this is IT!

This isn't about science, folks. It's about love.