Wednesday, January 26, 2005

2004 Awards!

Best Picture:
The Garden State (tied)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (tied)

Album of the Year:
The Garden State Soundtrack

Concert Tour of the Year:
Simon & Garfunkel's Reunion Tour

Most Beneficial Death of the Year:

Best Website:

Actress of the Year:
Scarlett Johansson

Actor of the Year:
Who Cares

Best New TV show:
Jack and Bobby

Person of the Year:
Me (who did you think?)

Runner Up:

Guilty Pleasure:

Best Coffeehouse:
Peet's Coffee

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Happy Belated 2005!

Dear Friends and Family:

Consider this my belated Christmas/New Year’s letter.

Another year has come upon us and Time has swept another year away. Time is viscious monster, but it’s all we can truly rely on. It will never cease to push us onward, ready or not. It most definitely will not bend over backwards sending us to the happier, more carefree days gone by. So we can only hope to be pushed, rather shoved, somewhere nice and cozy.

Ummmm…. 2004 was alright, I suppose. I spent the first half of the year working in Malibu at a dead-end job with ruthless customers. At 5:00 on the dot I was fortunate enough to retreat to a lovely life in the hills of Calabasas, living with wonderfully decent folk (Tuck, Jake and Clay).

In July I found a job with the Hill Medical Corporation in Pasadena doing marketing. I had to move away from my roomies (and farther from Kellie), but moved into a fantastic apartment in Glendale. I was excited about my job and the duties therein, but ended up hating my job due to the Great Wretchedness that was my boss. I would explain how utterly evil she truly was, but it would literally be a waste of ink (or fontspace as the case may be). She was eventually fired, which renewed my faith in the world of business ethics and the human ideal. The down-side is that the whole department was “dissolved” two days later. The two days in between was bliss. So now I’m back on the job hunt. Yippy.

Kellie and I have been happily dating for over a year. She’s a brilliant light in my life and makes all the bad things go away (which is awesome). If you’ve never met her, she’s the most utterly optimistic person alive (which is weird and nice). We spent a lovely November weekend in the wine country to celebrate our one-year anniversary. I think it was my favorite weekend of the year. I also got Kellie to read the great and staggering Atlas Shrugged, so I think it might be serious.

Our Tuesday Night Dinner Club became quite the success this year, to my grateful surprise! For over a year now, Jeff, Kristy, Adrian and I have consistently been hosting palette-pleasing meals usually accompanied by Kellie, Matt and Matt. Tuesdays have become my favorite day of the week. Tuesday IS the new Saturday. Meals have ranged from a traditional Jewish Passover feast (Jeff) to Shabu Shabu (Kristy) to a Spanish Tapa Feast (Adrian). We even had a professional chef come in and make dinner for us and simultaneously give a cooking lesson. Check out her food blog at She’s great!

Speaking of blogs, each member of my dinner club started their own. Kristy’s is Adrian’s is Jeff’s is Check them out. Add them to your favorites (mine too!)

So, I wish you all a year of wonder, hope and prosperity. Be well and treat your neighbor with kindness. Be generous with smiles.

Scott Van Atta