Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vegan Feast!

OK . . . so it's a lifestyle choice. It's probably not yours, as only a small sector of society pays homage to the vegan lifestyle.

There are two strata of veganism: 1. those who live a full and complete vegan lifestyle using no animal products at all, i.e. in clothing, hair product, etc... you get the picture; 2. and those who, probably for ease of life, only avoid animal products in their food.

It may sound like an odd lifestyle choice, but it's not something we can judge, even though it's terrible and wrong . . . (I'm eating spicy Thai chicken as I write this and it's delicious!)

but try this sometime! they're really good.

1 can of organic garbanzo beans
About a cup of whole wheat flour (natural and unbleached)
A bunch of Parsley
Some green onion
Clove of garlic (I use Trader Joe's Crushed garlic (1 tsp))
Black Pepper

Pop the ingrediants in a food processor (or chop really really well!) and then mix in the flour. Make small gobs of the mixture (about the size of a cookie) with a spoon.

Heat up some Peanut Oil and a smidge of Sesame Oil in a large skillet. Drop the gobs into the pan and flatten a bit with the spoon and fry them until they're a dark golden brown.

Enjoy them with cabbage and tzatziki sauce in a warm or toasted pita.


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