Monday, October 25, 2004

Faith in Knowledge

Recently I was flipping channels and stopped briefly on the Bible Network or something of that regard. I think his toupee caught my attention at first, but then is jargon caught hold of me. Granted, he is a TV preacher, but what this man was saying is not a rare thing to hear in various churches and from various Christians. He was pressing for all of us to put all thought and doubt behind us and simply accept faith. He was telling us that we are just humans and there is no way we can comprehend God. So put all thought and doubt behind you and simply accept faith.

This comes in direct conflict with the idea that we are created in God’s image – that we are rational independent men who think and make decisions. We have the ability to comprehend complex thought (we created cell phones for crying out loud . . oh, and split the atom). We are given knowledge and have been given the capacity to process it – from God. Just because we may not yet know the nature of God does not mean the Holy Spirit will not guide us to or endow us with such knowledge (enough to make an informed decision).

We cannot so easily give up the search for Truth in our lives, recline into disengagement and say: "We are weak and feeble creatures unable to know of higher things. I will sit back and easily and readily accept what is already known." We cannot and must not stop searching for truth and knowledge in our lives. God calls us to have blind faith, not a faith with blinders. We are not animals. We are man.


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